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It can happen

Posted by Fong Tien on October 29, 2015 at 4:10 PM

Somewhere out there in this world, in a small darkened room sits someone looking up at the stars and smiling to themselves. Why are they so pleased with themselves? Well it could be several things contributing to this state of happiness, the one I’m referring to is their knowledge of what they know they can achieve, over and above any current records/standards set within any sphere i.e. music, arts, dance, athletics, endurance events, cooking, writing etc. Maybe only a few people know what these people are capable of, or maybe they have kept it to themselves because they do it for the sheer fun of ‘doing it’ and don’t want fame or fortune and the trappings that come with celebrity…who knows!!!


‘Innocent Moves’ (Movie) – Final game


Playing the game, loving the game, living the game. Winning on your Own Terms.

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For every Tyson Gay there is a Usain Bolt type happily sprinting alone on their" target="_blank"> local track just for the fun of it.

Remember, the current top artists and world record holders all started their journeys with a dream. They went on to then shake up the world with their skills and abilities because they chose to show it to the world. There are those that will never want to show the world their skills and abilities, but are happy to know that they can do what they do, when they choose to do it and if their music is awesome, their athletics is supreme or their tech skills are genius, so much the better.

Fresh (Movie) – Put the clock on them

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So can current music/champions/artists be surpassed? Simply put ‘It Can Happen’, but we will never really see the full potential of our world, as not everyone wants or is able to be on centre stage.

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