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Chess Lesson for Beginners

Recent Rookie Advice - Memorizing variation after variation of opening theory won't be too productive for you in the early stages of your learning, but aim to adhere to some basic principles of sound opening play:
1. Activate your pieces quickly (knights and bishops first)
2. Fight for the center from move one with your pieces and your d- and e-pawns
3. Castle quickly to tuck your king safely away behind a protective wall of wing pawns (which hasn't been weakened by moving some of the pawns).

Chess for Beginners

Opening Chess Moves

Obvious Moves in Chess

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The ultimate collection of chess films for your viewing pleasure




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Grandmasters, Masters and Novices

Watch an array of chess games played by a variety of participants. Pick up a few tips or upload your own chess games to help educate others in the wonderful sport of chess.


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