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Hand eye coordination training

One of many hand eye coordination training exercises with Fong Tien.

Hand eye coordination

Speed Training

One of many ways to increase hand speed in martial arts and hand eye coordination activities.

Hand speed with cycle machine

Concentrated speed work to tone up the fast twitch muscles in both hands and feet.

Speed drilling hands and feet

Precision Training

One of many ways to build up hand precision in martial arts or any hand eye coordination activity.

Double end bag workout

Speed bag kicking drill to increase endurance, tone thigh muscles and improve precision targeting.

Thigh burner

Power Training

Cardio heavy bag workout.

Arm Burner - Bag workout

Endurance Training

 Rapid fire kicking to trim the glutes.

Rump Burner

Abdominal Training


The best abdominal exercises fit into your daily routine very easily. Bicycle crunches and crunches on the ball are highly powerful. Crunches with vertical legs, reverse crunches, heel push crunches, tubing pull exercises, are some of the best abdominal exercises. Exercises using planks have also provided substantial benefits in the abdominal region.


Abdominal Exercises for Women - Easy Abdominal Trimming

Abdominal crunches are one of the standard exercises for women. Crunches do not need any gym equipment and can be done on an even level floor. However, while doing the exercise, remember not to lift the back or pull on your neck. Remember to keep the chin away from the chest and look upwards. Breathe-out on the rise and breathe in on the lowering of your body. You can also do crunches while sitting on a chair. Floor leg lifts, is one of the best abdominal exercises for women, where, your lower abs lie flat on the floor with your legs straight. You can keep your hands sideways or under your buttocks. You can then raise your legs to ten inches away from the floor for a few seconds and then lower your stomach slowly while breathing out.


Abdominal exercises for Men - For Firm Abs

The exercises that help in firming the abs include standard crunch exercises that are done by lying down on the floor with legs folded towards the knee. The hands are kept below the neck portion and then lifting the shoulders towards the knee. The position can be maintained for a few seconds and then return to the original position. The exercise can be repeated for at least twenty times for getting that trim abs. Other useful crunch exercises include, butterfly crunch, extended arms crunch, support crunch exercises, etc. Men can also perform lower abdominal exercises like pelvic tilting exercise, knee up crunch, etc for maintaining a uniform rigid abdomen. 


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