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The Kids need help - STOP THE BULLIES

Anti Bullying and Teasing book for Pre school classrooms

The BULLYING resource centre

Very useful guidance material on bullying. Practical tools for teachers, parents and carers to help educate themselves about bullying and give them the tools to cope with bullies or bully situations in schools and communities.

The Kids own STOP THE BULLIES Site

Kids get activated against bullying

The Teens  STOP THE BULLIES resource

The Ultimate Stop the Bullies information pack

Managing Bullies

Here is one of the most insightful books on modern day Conflict Management. This book takes you through the cause and effect of hostile behaviour within our communities and helps you to understand why people react in the way they do to hostile/antagonistic words, phrases and situations. This book has been designed to help civilians from all walks of life to take appropriate action against hostile/antagonistic behaviour. Unwanted antagonistic behaviour can come from a range of sources, such as, an aggressive boss, uncooperative colleague, an angry customer, an arrogant teenager or an argumentative relative. From the direct and practical techniques outlined in this book you will be able deal with people calmly, effectively and assertively, adapt your defences to different types of aggressive behaviour, improve your technique for handling people and ward off any attempts of bullying at school, home or work. This book will give you the ability to communicate effectively and build rapport with almost everyone you come into contact with. This book is written in simple, clear language and is designed to provide immediate, practical and effective guidance on Conflict Management to all readers. 

Protect You - Understanding Bullying & Aggressive Behaviour

Who moved my cheese?

Who Moved My Cheese is a parable about change and our feelings when change occurs. The story is told by four characters who live in a Maze and look for “cheese”. Cheese is what we want in life: a career, family, money, a new home or car, etc.

There are two mice: Sniff and Scurry and two little people: Hem and Haw. These characters represent how we respond when change happens. Do we sniff out change early? Or do we scurry into action? Do we deny change when it happens? Or do we learn to adapt to change as we accept it may lead us to something better?

As the story unfolds and the reader learns how each character reacts to change, it’s natural to begin thinking how one responds to change. As one character successfully deals with change, he begins “the handwriting on the wall”. Through this, the author sheds light on how one can adapt to change easily.

Who Moved My Cheese on Amazon 

Who moved my cheese? For teenagers

This was a good, pratical book for teens. It deals with the subject of change and how to adapt to it. The concept is applicable to all areas of a person's one goes about moving on in a certain area is entirely unique to that area and should be determined by that person in respect to where they want to go from the current position.

 Who Moved My Cheese - For Teens 

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