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The learning of 'manners' or 'etiquette' is a prerequisite act to aid integration of people on a social level. Understanding the deep meanings to 'morality', 'respect', 'ethics', 'courtesy', 'kindness' and 'humility' can go some ways to preventing conflict situations arising.

Being willing to learn and re-learn respect for ourselves, we can enhance our balance of mind and body to achieve peace, wisdom and love. It is but an act of humanitarian discipline to cultivate and nurture a deep seated philosophy for the preservation of human life and positive social values. 

'Protect You - Understanding Bullying & Aggressive Behaviour' - Video Trailer 

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The Street Smart Way


Here is one of the most insightful books on modern day self defence and street awareness. Written for civilians from all walks of life, this book analyses the cause and effect of drugs on our communities and dissects the processes of the criminal mind to give everyone a working knowledge of how to succeed in any confrontational situation. This book will not only give you lifelong street awareness strategies, it will blow away any patterns of negative behaviour and increase your neglected dynamic potential. This book can transform your life if you follow every step outlined by the author. It will open your eyes to a renewed self confidence, improved health and a more mature outlook to modern day street survival. This book will give you the power to unlock the tremendous success potential we are all born with, giving you fresh hope for yourself and the communities in which we live.

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'Protect You - The Street Smart Way' - Video Trailer  

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Protect You - The Ultimate Self Defence Guide


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