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If you are interested in taking up martial arts as a beginner visit as many martial arts clubs as you can. Make a mental note as to whether the instructor can explain his/her art and is able to demonstrate the techniques well. Watch to see if the instructor emphasises discipline and gives attention/advice to all their students when performing techniques to prevent serious accidents.

Before you leave, pick up a leaflet or ask for more information about the club and instructor. Always take it easy on your first lesson. If you find that the instructor does not care about your safety, and they have no discipline, walk away. When joining a martial arts club try to go to one which has been recommended.

Do look for good instructors, sometimes you will have to pay more for good quality instruction but you will receive a greater degree of knowledge, it will be safer and you will learn quickly. ________________________________________________________________________________

Learn basics properly and take it step by step. Never feel superior if you have learnt another type of martial art, keep an open mind and seek to further your personal development. Very often learning from scratch can be an advantage as you will be working on a blank canvas and there will be no conflicting habits.

Try to practice and repeat basic techniques over and over. You will find it is the most important part of any martial art. It can be a slow process so take your time and have patience. Many martial artists have had serious injuries through the practise of bad basics, lack of concentration, lack of regular training, and not listening to their instructors. Martial arts require commitment, discipline and dedication. ________________________________________________________________________________

Do train regularly, but don't over do it. When you have found the martial art that you really enjoy, build up slowly, starting about twice a week to get your body accustomed to the training.

Some classes require you to be more physical which can cause fatigue. It will take time for you to recover, so give yourself a break of about one or two days between each session.

Once you have trained for a while, increase the number of times you attend classes. Beware though many martial artists and sports persons can become addicted to their sport and train far too often, putting untold damage on their bodies and their personal relationships. Do everything in moderation and make sure you enjoy your life and your art. ________________________________________________________________________________

Private lessons are a great way of learning martial arts, because you will gain deeper knowledge of your art and have the full attention of your instructor. Your instructor will have the time to thoroughly help you through the basics, especially correcting your techniques. Your instructor can also work out a programme of training that will suit you and your ability best.

Above all else, train smart, often and safe, to reap the rewards of the Martial Arts.


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